European Wind Energy Technology Platform (TPWind)

A dedicated voice for Technology and Policy R&D, speaking for the wind energy sector and its stakeholders.

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Next events

The TPWind Secretariat launched a Call for Expression of Interest for joining each of the Working Groups and the Finance Working Group.

This call was launched through a mailing-list of 22,000 contacts, and published through the Website of the Technology Platform (

The applications are collected by the Secretariat, and the final list of the members of the Working Groups is assessed by the Steering Committee members.

The first General Assembly takes place on November 13th and 14th 2007 in Brussels. During this first event, the Working Groups will elaborate a first version of the Strategic Research Agenda and Market Deployment Strategy documents.

The second General Assembly will take place in February 2008. The Working Groups will elaborate the second version of Strategic Research Agenda and Market Deployment Strategy documents.

These results will be promoted during the EWEC conference, in Brussels in March 2008.


Past events

Internal events

The Technology Platform was officially launched in October 2006 by Commissioner Pielbags, and members of the Advisory Board. The first Steering Committee meeting took place in Brussels in March 2007. During this event, the Executive Committee was elected. The Second Steering Committee meeting took place in Milan in May 2007. The final structure of the Technology Platform was acknowledged.

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External events

As an official Technology Platform, TPWind provided input on the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan), and participated to the Seminar on the European Research Area. Regarding the SET-Plan process, main input from TPWind was:

  • The answer on the sector on the questions of the SET-Plan Committee,
  • An initiative, for driving the development of the Wind sector up to 2050.

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