The call for Expressions of Interest is closed


The TPWind Secretariat collected the expressions of interest for the different Groups. Deadline for application was September 16th, 2007. The Secretariat received almost 300 applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Group?

A Group is a small number (e.g. 20) of high-level persons willing to provide intellectual inputs, participate to the work and attend the meetings of the Technology Platform.

Who applied?

Members of the Technology Platform are representatives from public and private sector at Senior and Director level.

What was the selection process?

The selection process involved the Secretariat, the Group chairmen, the Executive Committee, the Steering Committee, and the European Commission.  The result is a consensus of 25 high-level decision-makers. The members were selected regarding:

  • the balance between company categories (consultancy, utility …), public/private sector and countries,
  • the following parameters:
    • the impact of the organization (global, European, national/local),
    • the size of the organization (number of people),
    • the level of the applicant (high-level, medium, low).

Moreover, for ensuring the Group objectives are met, the balance between categories was aimed at being different from Group to Group. The proposal was:

  • WG1:  emphasis on consultancy and research laboratories,
  • WG2:  emphasis on manufacturers and component suppliers,
  • WG3:  emphasis on utilities,
  • WG4:  emphasis on developers and consultancy,
  • WG5:  emphasis on manufacturers, consultancy, developers, bank/ins.,
  • WG6:  emphasis on governmental and non-governmental organisations, national associations, developers.

The Groups reflect the best choice regarding these different parameters, and the received profiles.

When do we meet?

The TPWind members meet twice a year in Brussels. These General Assemblies last two days. These events include plenary sessions and working group meetings. The groups meet in parallal.

Plenary sessions are dedicated to exchange of information between groups. Working group meetings are focused on elaboration of the Strategic Research Agenda and Market Development Strategy documents.

On decision of the Group Chairmen, ad hoc meetings of the individual Groups might be organised for specific issues.

Where and When?

The General Assemblies take place in Brussels. The first General Assembly will take place on November 13-14th, 2007. The second General Assembly will take place on February 12-13th, 2008.

More information?

The rules of the Technology Platform are detailed in the Terms of Reference document.