March – September 2007

TPWind First General Assembly: November 13th and 14th, in Brussels.

TPWind Latest News

  • The first General Assembly of the Technology Platform will take place on November 13th and 14th 2007 in Brussels. The objective is to build a first version of the Strategic Research Agenda and Market Deployment Strategy document for the sector.
  • The TPWind Secretariat collected the expressions of interest for the different Groups. Deadline for application was September 16th, 2007. The Secretariat received 300 applications. In October 2007, the final member’s list will be established by the Steering Committee.
  • This call was launched through a mailing-list of 22,000 contacts, and published through the Website of the Technology Platform

Table of content

The Word of the Executive Committee
TPWind: Activities (March – September 2007)
TPWind: Objectives & Structure
TPWind: Working Group Activities
Why TPWind?
TPWind – the Story